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LEME Drift


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Autosyn LV is a multi-vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid formulated from synthetic base oils blended with the latest premium top tier additive package to provide a highly shearstable automatic transmission fluid which meets the lower viscosity requirements of some modern transmissions. It extends transmission life by incorporating performance anti-wear additives, enhanced frictional properties for smoother gear changes, reduced deposit formations, longer service life due to the full synthetic base stocks and shear-stable additive technology.

Viscosity – Typical 6.0 cSt @ 100oC


A multi–vehicle ATF for use in the latest model Asian vehicles which specify a low viscosity ATF in seven, eight and nine speed transmissions. This product is suitable a range of modern passenger vehicles and is also suitable for some light commercial vehicles as per the list. Not recommended for Ford Type F/G, DCT and CVT applications.



Meets the performance requirements of:

  • JASO 1A LV
  • Mercon LV®