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LEME Drift

HVX 4000 20W50

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HVX 4000 engine oil has modern technology for late model, high stress applications. It provides the maximum protection against wear, corrosion, oxidisation and sludge formation and is particularly suitable for naturally-aspirated and turbo-charged models. HVX 4000 oil can be used in light and medium duty diesel engines and it provides enhanced valve train lubrication in modern unleaded petrol and LP gas motors.

Viscosity Typical 17.4 cSt @ 100oC


This oil is designed for all 4 stroke and rotary petrol motors using LP, ULP, PULP and LP gas fuels and requiring an SAE 20W50 engine oil. Although it was specifically designed for post-1997 model motors, including multi-valve and turbo-charged motors, it is also suitable for light duty passenger car style diesel motors.



Meets or exceeds the following:

  • Grade: 20W50
  • API: SL CF